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 Pure str warrior/cleric (1h-2h)

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PostSubject: Pure str warrior/cleric (1h-2h)   Thu Jan 29, 2009 3:01 pm

k since guason asked me to do this, i'll pots the pics (stats and masteries) of my char.

It's a 1h-2h warrior, i never liked axes, a lot of people (warriors) use axes for bleed+stun, but i use shield crush to cause dull (dull+double or cunning stab, 50%+ damage - - dull + kd + triple bash=100% damage) So yah i dont need the axes so far. Tho if you're planning to farm the axe mastery for such status then it's cool. I already have my pvp tactics against every build, mostly chinese builds.

k here's the things.

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Pure str warrior/cleric (1h-2h)
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